The Pimped ACE Program

ACEs are Advanced Clinical Educators who use pimping as the effective teaching tool that it should be! ACEs are nominated by their students and recognized by Pimped with a Pimped Pin and Certificate.

We all know an amazing teacher who has spent countless hours honing their craft so students can learn faster and retain info longer. During residency and beyond, this can be a thankless, exhausting task when so many other aspects of clinical care also demand their attention. These teachers rarely get rewarded or even acknowledged for their extra efforts – they simply do it for the internal satisfaction of the “lightbulb moment” they provide students.

Let’s take a few minutes to celebrate, and thank, these amazing teachers who helped us all survive the insane learning curve of clinical clerkships.

Nominate a Pimped ACE

Help us praise – and promote – effective clinical pimping by nominating a Pimped ACE today.

It only takes 5 minutes to nominate a resident, fellow or another clinical educator, who, in your opinion, has exemplified the Tenets of Effective Pimping.

As soon as the individual has received a nomination and 2 seconds, they’ll be deemed an ACE and receive a Pimped ACE Pin to wear proudly!

Recent Pimped ACE Award Winners

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Jennifer Salcedo, MD, MPH
Jennifer Salcedo, MD, MPH
Ob/Gyn Attending, University of Texas

"Dr. Salcedo was a wonderful teacher in the clinic and in the OR. She clearly had high expectations for her residents...

Christopher Klipstein, MD
Christopher Klipstein, MD
Internal Medicine Attending, University of North Carolina

"Dr. Klipstein clearly cares about his students. He takes time to develop engaging, educational lectures and makes difficult topics...

Steven Emura, MD
Steven Emura, MD
Ob/Gyn Attending, University of Hawaii

"Dr. Emura brings a sense of calm confidence to any room. He always took time out of the busy clinic or L&D schedule to teach...

Anthony Charles, MD, MPH
Anthony Charles, MD, MPH
General Surgery Attending, University of North Carolina

"Dr. Charles is always fun to work with! He makes you smile while you learn. He asks a lot of questions in the OR, but they’re relevant...

Pimped ACE, MD
Pimped ACE, MD
Advanced Clinical Educator, Your Institution

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