Procedure Ready: Ob/Gyn (fka Pimped Ob/Gyn)
Procedure Ready: Ob/Gyn (fka Pimped Ob/Gyn)
Return OB Visits

Every visit:

  • Doptones, fundal height, vitals
  • Four question: Vaginal bleeding, contractions, leaking fluid, fetal movement

By Weeks:

  • 20wks – get and review anatomy US
  • 24wks – order glucola, cbc (check for anemia), discuss normal growing pains
  • 28wks – Tdap and Rhogam if needed, discuss kick counts
  • 32wks – Discuss BCM, sign tubal papers if needed, discuss TOLAC if needed
  • 36wks – GBS screening, birth expectations, US for position
  • 38-40wks – VE, “sweep membranes”