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  • Chlamydia: usually asymptomatic. Screen routinely. Can cause infertility/PID and Fitz-hugh-curtis. Treat with Azithro x1
  • Gonorrhea: often asymptomatic. Screen routinely. Can cause infertility/PID. Treat with Ceftriaxone and Azithromycin
  • Trich: frothy/watery discharge. “Strawberry cervix” Can see trich moving on wet mount. Treat Flagyl 2g PO once.
  • HPV: Cervical dysplasia/cancer and Genital warts. Topical treatments as needed.


  • Syphilis: Painless chancre followed by latent, then secondary with palmar/plantar rash. If unsure stage, treat as if latent, PCN IM x3
  • HIV: Universal screening. PREP if high risk. Referral to ID and counseling if positive.
  • Hep B: Treatable, not curable. Routine serum screening.

No Routine Screening, diagnose if lesion

  • HSV: Antivirals as needed for outbreaks, can prophylax if frequent outbreaks/immunosuppressed. Valacyclovir or acyclovir are most common.